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Digital Economics

Bachelor’s Degree
Course of training: 4 years (full-time)
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You want to be in control of your education.

Smart, creative, and aspiring, you are able to change the world.

Eager to become the market leader, successful and in demand, you like all that is contemporary.

Aware that computers, networks, and AI have altogether changed the world eliminating borders and opening new horizons to humankind, you cannot imagine your life without IT.

You are ready to generate ideas and make them become truly successful enterprises.

If you recognize yourself in the above description, then our new Undergraduate Program is for you!
Global demand for digital economists
IT sector showed 40% growth in 2020, meanwhile E-Commerce market doubled!
Tech Solutions for world economies is about to increase in demand 7 times by 2030.
HR agencies proved Digital Economists to rank among the top 10 highly-paid jobs.
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Note that the subject list is flexible, adaptable to the real demand from you and your future employers.
#Cifrek is 100% client-oriented.

Compulsory Subjects

Economic Disciplines

Digital Disciplines

Contemporary approaches to education
Digital Laboratories

Yandex, Beeline and Skolkovo companies are our digital laboratory partners.

Our students will research and develop their ideas into real-life digital tools.

Best graduates win a chance to join the partner companies as full-time employees.

Business Mentorship

Claas, Danone, Syngenta, OrekhProm, Magnit and Agrokomplex companies are our academic partners that provide their top managers as business mentors for our students.

Our students can choose their own individual educational tracks lead by a selected business mentor and their companies starting from the second academic term.

We are convinced that applying knowledge in practice is the most practical approach to developing professional skills.

Project Workshops

Our students create mid-term and final projects as innovative solutions.

The topical issues are outlined by partner companies, while the solutions are presented by our students with the acceleration and financial aid from the University.

Each student has a unique opportunity to set up their own innovative company and start earning before graduation.

Result in acquiring skill-sets in three various fields.
You will

learn how markets are designed and what consumers really want

master the set of classical economic tools for work

develop professional understanding of neuroeconomics and economics of happiness

increase your company’s profits through innovative digital solutions
Digital Technologies
You will

process big data

analyze customer digital footprint

design numerous online platforms, e.g. a marketplace

enhance digital marketing and management tools
Innovative Projects
You will

generate creative ideas

convert ideas into start-ups

develop start-ups into full-scale businesses

play team game
Institute for Digital Economics and Innovations
The curriculum is specially designed for the #DigitalEconomics Undergraduate Program. The Institute comprises a well-known syllabus scheme plus the following extras:
  • Student Entrepreneurship Center
    Is the place where you can develop your idea into a real business with the Institute acceleration and financial aid and the acceleration technologies by Skolkovo.
  • Hackathon and Consulting Center
    Is the place where you and your peer-students can present innovative solutions to topical issues outlined by real-life enterprises.
  • University In-House Commissions System
    Proves the demand for digital solutions and high-tech products in the sphere of SMM and CRM from the Program residents.
  • Business Club
    Provides you with the opportunity to meet leading local and international business experts for dialogue and face-to-face communication.
International students support
The Institute helps with safe-and-sound relocation to the University campus.
  • Dormitory Facilities
    20 comfortable dormitories on the University campus available for students.
  • Relocation Manager
    The in-house relocation service available 24/7 for any questions and issues to arise.
  • On-Site Job Opportunities
    We strongly believe that as a resident student at the Institute for Digital Economics and Innovations you should start your career as soon as possible. A range of part-time positions at our partner companies is available for you starting from the second term to gain practical skills and earn your first income.

Best tutors and mentors at #digitaleconomics

The ultimate academic goal of teaching at the Institute is creating competitive and valid educational product.

We are eager to promote our students to prominent positions on the market and provide them with highly-paid and on-demand job opportunities.

All the above mentioned is implemented through the cutting-edge approach to attracting best practicing tutors, mentors and field experts.

Extraordinary lecturers, successful businesspeople and highly-qualified civil servants are welcome to join our academic staff!

Fill in the form to let us know about your experience and the story of success to make it part of the Institute history. We will scrutinize your info and invite you to the upcoming numerous events, incl. seminars, webinars, workshops and more.

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